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Dr Robert R Brown F.A.C.M.T.

San Antonio, Texas, United States



Rev. Dr Robert R Brown F.A.C.M.T. was born September 10, 1963 in Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma. After a month, his family moved to Empire Nevada where they
lived for about 4 years then they moved to a small sized city in south Texas,
population approximately 70,000 where he grew up with his sister mother and
His mother a Methodist and his father a Lutheran vowed to and did show a
Christian way of life to their family. Which never forced or invoked their own beliefs
on them and even encouraged the exploration of self and awareness?
Attending public school, early on he displayed a drive to explore in a systematic
way truisms, as they pertained to life and all that we know exists. While in grade
school, he read and studied Christian beliefs and out of many sources, by the time
he reached middle school, Robert was already exploring, Poetics, Philosophy, and
other Great Books of the Western World, the Martial Arts, Zen Buddhism, and
Hindu. This led largely by his admiration for the leaders such as Mother Teresa,
Mahout Ma Gondi, and the Dali Llama. Then later others who were in influence of
the nations of the world
By the time he was in high school he was cofounder of one of the first biblical study
group in public school, where they encouraged many to attend, and state their
beliefs, and found that a lot of what was discussed were the same issues everyone
else had. Very little was different except doctrinal and conventionalisms, he was
enamored by this so he began his search,
Going to formal education in many areas and followed different paths, but always
driven by a desire to seek truth, and though it was not clear, the reasons why; but
always came back to the fact we are not alone and his belief in God prevailed.
In college, he studied in secular Career oriented classes such as, Photography,
Computer science, Police administration; and management courses, and then later
theology, Naturopathy, homeopathy, and Education Leading to multiple Degrees,
Doctorates and other Honors.
He experimented with and interviewed volunteers, from all occupations. He studied
Metaphysics, with emphasis on the theology of it. Robert was analytical and
methodical, systemic, careful and mindful of his piers. Though he often alienated
him self to certain achievements. Robert Taught on an academic level, Colleges as
University of Houston, Victoria College, as an external instructor. Visiting professor
at Trinity, also, he was guest speaker to several churches. Robert led fellowships,
at some prominent churches. He gained admiration and an ear in some of the most
unlikely of places, such as in a Jail bible study, and over coffee, there thrust into or
put to the questions of others who too sought answers, to discover the answers for
these questions. He looked deeper than just the secular; but to include the realm of
the spiritual, and though often into some unorthodox research, all culminating, in
about 26 years of research and exploration. In these volumes he shares some of
the findings and answers to those questions which so drives his life and the in
depth questions he sought so diligently to resolve.

Interests: Poetry, Biblical Archeological Research, Writing, Astronomy, Spending time with family and friends

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Published works:


  • Dissertation MetaPhysical Theology
  • Eyes Opened, Hearts Closed, Minds Muttled
  • Poetry

  • Mankind