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Juliet Anammah

Lagos, Nigeria


My name is Juliet Chinyere Anammah and I am a Director in Accenture’s Lagos Practice. Accenture is a global Technology Consulting firm with head quarters in Chicago Illinois. This year, I will turn 43 and I am thankful that I have had the opportunity of a good public school education in Nigeria when it was still possible. Today I feel comfortable that wherever I have been in later years - MIT, Stanford, Wharton College, Aventis and now Accenture- I can safely say that I have held my own among people from other countries who often have far greater opportunities.

I have read many books; classics, historical romance, non-fiction and adventure but it is history and biography that draws me. I've read books by two great Nigerian authors, Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichie but it is to Chinua's “Trouble with Nigeria” that I return again and again. Perhaps because the same thoughts increasingly agitate my mind as I grow older. I have imagined our troubles stemming from several sources; some form of arrested evolution elicited by the traumatizing effect of colonialism on our social fabric or the discordance/disunity emanating from an ultra heterogeneous society.

In the end my thoughts converge again to the same conclusion examined in your book - poor Leadership. Lately though I am beginning to think also that without the apathy and mindless acquiescence of the people, it would not have been easy for the so called Leaders to have pillaged the country so wantonly. Perhaps it is far more important like Obama says for Africans to demand strong institutions. We will never lack for blundering idiots, simpletons and brutes who want to climb the tower and rule but with the right institutions we may at least force them out sooner than they arrive. Only the will of the people can ensure that such institutions exist. Then again I wonder do our people understand their role in a democracy or have we abandoned our responsibilities?

I have written a number of newspaper articles along the same lines (I sit on Business Day’s Advisory Board - a local newspaper affiliated to Financial Times)

During Christmas of 2009, I decided to go further and write a book. I thought I should write a fictional tale about the Nigerian whose story hardly gets told; the everyday hardworking Nigerian who succeeds by dint of hard work and whose voice gets drowned in the hue over fraud, graft, drugs and all manner of malfeasance that have come to characterize being Nigerian..

As so happens in writing, the book had a mind of its own and marched forth in other directions. I ended up with three Nigerians who have not only succeeded in their personal lives despite the odds but dared to believe in that silliest of all dreams that something within their reach can be done about Nigeria.
I'm looking for an agent interested in representing me.

Interests: Politics, History, Adult fiction, Historical romance, Business

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