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Becky Norman

Burgessville, Ontario, Canada

Email: writerbecky@yahoo.ca

Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a B.A. in Honors English (Writing Minor), Becky Norman has moved to Canada and graduated from Conestoga College's Human Resources Program with Honours.

For the past six years, she has been a Human Resources Advisor and is currently writing freelance articles for Suite101.com and Associated Content on such diverse topics as employment law, horse care, travel and classic film. She is also working on a novel for publication.

Interests: Reading, writing, riding and training horses, playing piano, living the country life in a log home

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • All the Courses Run (An Equine Tale)
  • Lion\'s Kin
  • Intermission
  • St. Patrick\'s Jawbone
  • Faces in the Frames
  • Leopard\'s Kin
  • Nonfiction

  • An Employer\'s Guide to Family Day in Canada
  • \"Waste Not, Want Not\" on a Personal Level
  • An Employer\'s Guide to Family Medical Leave in Ontario
  • Employer\'s Perspective on Ontario\'s Minimum Wage Freeze
  • Starving Horses after Egyptian Protests
  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for a Sustainable Earth
  • Interesting Facts about Ontario\'s Employment Standards Act
  • An Introduction Termination in Ontario
  • How to Fire an Employee the Right Way
  • An Introduction to Termination with Just Cause in Ontario
  • An Employer\'s Guide to the Easter Holiday in Ontario
  • An Employer\'s Guide to Vacation in Ontario
  • Firing for Just Cause: Insubordination
  • Firing for Just Cause: Incompatibility
  • Why to Choose a Rope Halter for Your Horse
  • Firing for Just Cause: Off-Duty Conduct
  • Managing Horse Pastures for Optimal Grazing
  • 5 Ways to Prepare Your Horse for Summer
  • Firing for Just Cause: Incompetence
  • Characteristics of Horse Breeds - The Quarter Horse
  • William Trevor: Short Story Writer Extraordinaire
  • 9/11 - A Choice of Terror
  • Drinking on the Job - Can You Terminate?
  • Characteristics of Horse Breeds - The Thoroughbred
  • Characteristics of Horse Breeds - The Arabian
  • How to Get Involved with Equestrian Activities
  • Efficient Horse Farms, pt. 2: Manure, Feeding & Location
  • Efficient Horse Farms, pt. 1: Shelters, Fences, & Arenas
  • An Employer\'s Guide to Attendance Management
  • Firing for Just Cause: Dishonesty
  • Firing for Just Cause: Disobedience
  • How to Safely Tie a Horse
  • Can-Am Provides Plenty of Information on Horses
  • \"Landmarks\" by Robin Skelton Is a Poignant Look at What Connects Us
  • Public Holiday Pay in Canada
  • An Introduction to Employment Law in Canada
  • Serving Alcohol: an Employer\'s Responsibilities as Host
  • An Employer\'s Guide to Maternity Leaves in Ontario
  • New Horse Checklist, Part 1: Transport, Tack & Apparel
  • New Horse Checklist, Part 2: Grooming, First Aid, Misc.
  • Pattinson, Depp, Langella, Oliver...Intensity is Nothing New
  • How to Find the Horse Farm for You
  • Reasons to Choose Self-Catering Accommodation When Travelling
  • Planning a Green Horse Farm
  • U2\'s Propaganda Brings An Enduring Love
  • Actual Examples of Emergency Leave Days
  • Benefits of Electric Fencing for Horses
  • Information on National Sweater Day
  • Ways to Provide Water for Your Horse in Winter
  • In-Class Vs. Online Courses from a Community College
  • How to Stop Horse Trailer Theft
  • What to Do in the Garden This Spring
  • Poetry

  • Eagle Feather Down
  • Cardinal Over Cornfields
  • The Pond Breathes
  • Whisper Them Softly
  • Exhaling Dandelions
  • Aquarius Sestina
  • Lilac Legacy
  • A Full-Moon Windy Night