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Denise Messenger

Costa Mesa, California, United States


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Denise is best described as inventive, brave, compassionate, and relentless. She is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of others. At one of the most critical moments of her life, a cancer diagnosis, it was these qualities that pulled her through and, since, have unintentionally benefited others.
When diagnosed, she left her long and successful real estate career and committed herself to working in the medical industry. She knew that knowledge was power and key to successfully managing cancer. It would bring her closer to the abundant worldwide resources of physicians and research. She wanted a clear medical treatment path that would not destroy her health in the process—if and when it was time to undergo treatment.
Six years of reading medical and other scientific research, attending consultations, receiving treatment protocols, and relying on her instincts resulted in a cure for both cancers. During these years she found the time to help other cancer patients to fulfill their needs—whether it was a hotel room for the night or a nutritional drink to regain some strength. These seemed like small requests that could easily be granted, while she was undergoing chemotherapy.
One day it occurred to her that with an office full of books, file draws overflowing with research papers, the contacts she had made, and the many ongoing phone calls she was receiving for advice, a book was needed—one that could take a patient through the vast medical maze step-by-step and reduce the anxiety, fear, and misapprehensions that come with the disease. Of course, many books about cancer existed, but at the time there wasn’t one from a patient’s perspective that not only covered the emotional factors involved but also defined cancer in a way a layperson could understand, tackled difficult medical terminology, and discussed the various tests.
She worked on the book when she was a stage four cancer patient during the latter years of cancer treatment. It was the culmination of her determination and will to live that has made it a reality. With friends met along the way in the medical industry and with the collaboration of key physicians in their fields, her first book, Got Cancer? Now What? A Layperson’s Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, has just been released. The book is receiving glowing public support and outstanding reviews.
Denise celebrates her life as a mother, sister and crusader. She is happily doing what she loves—helping to save lives by educating people about cancer and the measures they can take to triumph over this difficult time in their lives. She continues with her research for a second book, writes, attends school, gives inspirational speeches and teaches people how to save themselves from cancer.

Interests: Write articles relative to health, healing, and the environment.

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  • Got Cancer? Now What? A Laypersons Guide for the Newly Diagnosed