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Paul Jefferson

Eymet, France


I have harboured the desire to write a book ever since I can remember. It has simply taken me up to now to achieve that goal, and I’m proud of it! Of course, seeing my work in print and earning from it is the ultimate objective, thus the hunt for a literary agent begins...
My trade is in general building, and has been since I left school (taking with me six O’s and an A level which, as yet, haven’t been much use). The idea for ‘SKINFLICK’, my first novel, came to me about eighteen months ago, at about the same time as bad knees, a worse back and a chronic desire for a career change. Since then, ‘SKINFLICK’ has turned into paper reality, the last, although perhaps not the final, exhaustive editing and reshaping process recently completed. I must admit, I never quite appreciated what a mountainous task it can be! However, spurred on by my first effort I now have several story ideas in mind and a fairly epic second novel on the brink of being started, although I’d like to get ‘SKINFLICK’ off the ground before getting too distracted...
I have lived in France for ten years, I’m divorced, and I have a seventeen year old daughter who lives with mum and is studying English Literature at Bath University. Fortunately, we all get on really well.
‘SKINFLICK’ is, basically, a fairly grim tale of kidnap, abuse and ransom all lived through David, the main character and the victim’s husband. The plot is his struggle, both psychologically and financially, to secure his wife’s release. The underlying theme is his new-found stress and the shattering of what was once a normal, happy life, all brought about by the predicament he is now in, as well as how it shapes his future self.
I am seeking a literary agent for representation.
Paul Jefferson, France, December 2010

Interests: Reading, painting, music and flying in anything that is not too likely to crash.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No