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Tara Deck

Austin, Texas, United States


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Yahoo: decktara

I am actually a pretty boring person, or I was until this past year. I have done freelance writing for different online businesses for the past 5 years, writing about everything from marketing to the kitchen sink... literally.

My love for writing somehow propelled me into the world of marketing, which I apparently do very well -- but its not who I am or what I want to do. It has however, given me the confidence I needed to start writing things that stimulate me creatively.

The last few years of my life have been complete hell. I spent 17 years of my life married to a textbook narcissistic -- which I realize now is nothing compared to divorcing one. Between learning the truths regarding narcissistic emotional abuse and the devastating aftermath of finally deciding to leave one -- I have truly been on a journey of self-discovery, not to mention enlightened on the pathetic state of our court systems in regards to parent alienation, abuse, abandonment and child welfare. My experience in the nonprofit industry has taught me that a good heart, with good motives and a bit of talent -- can change the world one person at a time, but if you never take that first step, nothing ever really changes.

So I am ready for change, not only for myself - but for people that cry in the wilderness without a voice. I have always believed that true education comes by living the life you were given, one mistake at a time, and then proudly carrying those experiences with you to wherever life carries you next and so it seems this is my next.

Interests: Nature, Photography, Writing, Religion, Philosphy, Astronomy, Music, Psychology, Politics, Economics, Technology, Social Networking, Internet Marketing, Reading... and maybe a few more, but I\'ll spare you the agony!

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Freelance: Yes


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