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Monica Vodita

Antwerpen, Belgium


I was born a Monica but I prefer to go through life under the name of Mony. My homeland is a land known for its legends, most notably Dracula. Yes, I'm Romanian. My mother was even born in precisely Transilvania. I might sound Twilighty, but I don't write about vampires. Though you will find a good dose of fantasy in anything I write. I've been writing since I was six, or so I've been told. The first real writing project I have done at fourteen. It was a science-fiction story of a hundred pages that I've written in two months. Sadly enough, I have lost that manuscript. I still have my second and biggest project, called "The Hands of Destiny", a very bombastic novel with rather whiny characters. Since then - I was seventeen when I finished it - I tried my hand mostly at short stories and poetry. But I've lately picked up the pen to start long-range writing again.
My life outside of literature is of no great interest, unless you love drama. Cheap, melodramatic drama that is. I graduated from The Catholic University of Leuven as a Master in Western Literature, and am currently working as a coffee specialist for Nespresso - go figure. Though I am planning to into teaching. Sometime.
I'm twenty-four, lively, and mean to live my life to the fullest. That involves writing, of course!!!

Interests: reading, writing, watching series and movies, hanging out with friends, cooking, drawing, doing sports...

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes