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Vasilis Afxentiou

Athens, Greece


About the Author

Vasilis Afxentiou is an ESL/EFL educator in Athens, Greece. He has been teaching English as a second/foreign language part-time since 1968, and full-time since 1985. Prior to that he worked as a Technical Specifications Writer for seven years and as an Engineer for five years. He has also studied music formally at the Hellenic Conservatory having majored in the classical guitar.
He was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He went to college and university in the United States where he received his degrees.Vasilis\'s writing credits include published fiction and non-fiction appearing in the Balkans (Greece and Romania), Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, Canada and in the USA. A few stateside and other, paper and e-publications he has written for are Writer\'s Choice, Greek Accent, Salon DAarte, Akkadian, National Herald (Proini), and Crosscurrents.
His writing includes short stories (literary, fantasy and science fiction), articles and essays (mostly travelogues and health diets), a theatrical play, numerous poems, five novels, a novella, and a book of short stories; all in English and/or in Greek.Vasilis has received several Distinctive Certificates from WD Writing Competitions held over the years, and also Honorary Mention in his Greek literary work in Athens (Sikeliana \'97).
In Greece he\'s been published in 30-Days, Key Travel News, Greece\'s Weekly, Athena Magazine, The Athens Star newspaper, fragments of his work appeared in ELT(English Language Teachers)NEWS, and has been invited to be published in the poetry anthology of Contemporary Greek Poets, Vol. III, distributed by the Athens Press Agency.
American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century (ART) has published Vasilis’ short story Θtude, which appeared in the Winter 2001 issue of The Rose and Thorn and has been awarded a 2001 Silver Rose Award for Excellence in the Art of the Short Story. ART is showcasing their twelve Silver Rose Award winners in The Silver Rose Anthology published in the spring of 2002. Two of his novels--\'For The Ends of Being\' (in English) and \'Counterpoint to Silence\' (in Greek)--received awards in 2005 by three literary societies two of which were The Greek Literary Society and UNESCO under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture. Two more of his sci-fi short stories have been published in \'Universe Pathways\' magazine in July 2006.

Interests: Reading, writing, music, walking

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No