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Gyakutenno Megami

Troy, Alabama, United States


Home page:

Presenting poetry, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, children's literature, lyrics and love letters.

Tammy Severs and Adrian Desaire have many delightful poetry's and stories for your enjoyment. Many are published through out the world. Many have won major contest and ended up in final rounds. Some have even been set to music for your listening pleasures...

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**Be sure ask for her by name & to notify her well in advance, as she is booked up to 6-8 months in advance.

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**All poetry and writing that do not have a name under them were provided by Tammy C. Severs. All done by Adrian Desaire are noted as so under his poetry.


Flash back to another time...relax...try and unwind...

Lift your spirits from a day gone bad...or realize the luck you've always really had...

Enjoy the simple pleasure of life...don't forget to catch your reel when you've got a bite...

Don't be full of despite...wishful thinking is good in life.

Tragedy's come and tragady's go...never forget as you grow old...

Life's to short to really ever let go...

Interests: Many varied interest and hobbies.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Darkness Of Hearts...Lasting Thoughts
  • Inner Child Desires
  • Distant Places
  • Nonfiction

  • Flying High - Death and Prayer
  • Water Falls - Short Story - Poetry
  • Rubbing in the Buc's Super Bowl Win
  • Poetry

  • A Christmas Story
  • Unknown Wishes
  • My Last Letter to Bill
  • Some How
  • Passions of Time
  • One Tear
  • She Is
  • Wild Shimmering Oaks - Friend Ship
  • Life's Path, from a daughter to her father
  • Love is a Feeling
  • The Night Knows...
  • Passionate Thought - The Devil
  • On the Seventh Day He Rested
  • Children's Literature

  • Whispering Skies - In begining stages of a song!
  • Other

  • Pretty Eyes - Lyrics/poetry - Full song in it's final recording.
  • Blood Red - So Sad...
  • No Excuses - Lyrics- Recording in its beginning stages.
  • Rebirth - A Dream/Won Publication! Being turned into a full length song!!
  • I Miss You - finished song and poetry/ Made it to final competitiion!