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Omar Villasmil

Mrida, Venezuela


This book, entitled: A WARRIOR ON HIS PATH, elucidates the unknown evil influences of the mind, based on exclusive personal perceptions and intends to make everyone aware of our true wonderful nature. If we become conscious of our authentic reality, it is easier to make the appropriate changes in our lives and to achieve considerable progress in every one of its aspects.

The book provides also a good example that no personal guides or teachers are absolutely required to reach Infinity. After 30 years of silence, a true self-made warrior from the ancient wisdom of Native Americans, the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s “Don Juan” and other sources of inspiration, develops now into a public person. At this point, he sets off to share a lifetime of unique perceptions. The highest and most secret knowledge for ages is now presented and disclosed in a down to earth style. It is educational, inspirational, moving, enlightening and sometimes amusing. It is the surfacing of a developing spiritual warrior at one of the peak moments in his life. This is a profoundly religious book, without belonging to any religion. It deals with universal issues in a new appealing way. Without a doubt, it will easily reach all readers with its moving and emotive narrative.

The author attended the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles for most of his formal academic education, in the areas of Cinema, Television and Instructional Technology.
He is presently an emeritus professor of the Universidad de Los Andes, where he taught Filmmaking and Educational Technology. He has also worked as a consultant in the design and construction of theaters, auditoriums and motion picture studios. He has written two motion picture scripts and a manual on photographic laboratory techniques.
His hobbies are Photography, RV camping and the design and assembly of electronic devices. His major interest in life has always been authentic spiritual discovery and growth. He currently lives among the Andean mountains, in the city of Mérida, Venezuela.

I have written this book in English and Spanish. It is available in English from Publish America, Inc. ISBN:1-58851-912-0
To order it call toll free at 877-333-7422 or via email at

Now I am looking for the right publisher in Spanish.

Interests: Spiritual Non-fiction. Personal growth, Native American Philosophy. The author deals with the genuine origin of the thinking mind, its influence upon humanity and other ignored ancient knowledge.

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Published works:


  • A Warrior on His Path
  • A Warrior on His Path