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Monique Fray

Cape Town, South Africa


Life is discovering the love that we create. Life is a mystery we need to embrace.I have always wanted to become a writer, motivational speaker and life-coach. I am still in the process of becoming a writer. I write about life and the experiences we have. I feel I connect with people writing about my instincts, my life experiences and the bigger picture. Life has so much to offer and it is sad that some cannot see this. Having studied psychology and pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology, discovering life-coaching and living life to the full, I want to share with others who seem to just miss great opportunities, that life is what you make it. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Utilize the power within yourself, your passions, your talents to be the great person you were born to be.
I am a 28 year old South African female, single mom, psychology student as well as a student of LIFE! Embracing every moment life offers me.

Interests: Life, the human mind, life-coaching, positive psychology, books about life and experiences. Paulo Coelho's books. Wine tasting. connecting and networking with all people. Change and transformation. Empowering, motivating and inspiring others especially wo

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