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D.K. Godard

Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States


D.K. Godard was born in Houston, Texas. He was the fourth of five children, his
sister being the eldest over the four boys. He lived in Texas, Illinois, and Ohio until
he was fourteen.
When he was fourteen, the family moved to New Jersey where he went through the
four years of high school. He ran cross-country, wrestled, and pole-vaulted for his
school. His many classes were varied and included psychology, law, model
congress, and creative writing. In his junior year, he had an English teacher that
opened the possibility of returning to the story-making mind of his childhood. What
started as a simple assignment evolved into an intense interest in creative-writing.
Years later, D.K. Godard met his future wife in their first year of college in Utah. He
enjoyed his freshman year of college and stopped writing as he focused on school
and college life. After a year of schooling, he took two years off to serve in a
humanitarian and religious service position in Massachusetts. During his time in
Massachusetts, his passion for story telling and history returned as he learned
about his own family history in the New England area. He took the advice of many
authors to carry a notebook wherever he went to capture ideas as they sprang upon
He returned to finish college and marry the woman of his dreams. Like the
characters in many of his stories, he struggled with the decision of what to do with
his life. His wife was always supportive and watched him struggle through deciding
on a major, being denied admission to the film program, to hastily finishing a
degree so he could join the work force. He graduated with a degree in sociology.
While he doesn’t plan on a career in sociology, many sociological concepts have
sprouted his many creative writing projects.
Throughout the rest of college and into his full-time job, D.K. Godard continued to
write and dreamed of publishing his work. In the late summer of 2009, he was
introduced to the National Novel Writing Month competition held in November. He
joined the competition and wrote his first complete novel in a month. He then spent
the next four months polishing the work for his first publication.
He still lives in Utah with his wife and wonderful baby girl. As a family they are
happily embracing each new adventure in life while trying to help each other grow in
their dreams. He hopes to continue his writing career with many more novels and is
grateful for all the support he has received.

Interests: YA SciFi/Fantasy, General Mainstream Fiction, SciFi/Fantasy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Life, Love, and Baseball