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Chris McQuillan

Auckland, New Zealand

I'm a 41-year old New Zealander. I lived in Australia and the UK from the age of 20 to 33, then returned home when my kids were of an age when the famous NZ "lifestyle" would suit them. I live on a half acre near Auckland with three dogs, six cats, an aviary full of birds, and my family. I've been writing fiction since I was 10 years old, I've had one honourable mention in a local competition, and a couple of years ago I completed my first novel, a black-comedy-science-fiction-thriller which I co-published (reluctantly) via a UK publisher, Hamilton-and-co. They printed my book but since then have gone broke, so I'm back to square one on that front and am looking for a new publisher or agent.
I've written a second novel, "God is Confused" - a satirical look at anarchy, the X-files, and solipsism. The defining event of God is Confused is the collapse of the Emprire State Building, which is purely an engineering failure but is blamed on terrorists. I was putting the finishing touches on the book when 9/11 happened, and strangely enough since then no-one has shown much interest in publishing it . . .

Interests: philosophy, video production, modelmaking, scuba diving, travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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