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6th Mile Entebbe Road Next to Roofings, Seguku Hills
Kampala, Uganda


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The Writer OF THE BOOK CALLED \"WALKING IN THE PIPELINE OF SUCCESS\" Francis Bukenya (ISBN:978-9966-7490-0-0) is a Ugandan born women Rights Activist, Youth Empowerment Campaigner, Musician, song writer, pianist, renown international workshop conductor for peace, motivation, inspiration and poverty eradication projects, founder of P.E.A.P AFRICA (Poverty Eradication Action Plan Africa), experienced community capacity building agent and industrial researcher, small scale industrial consultant and an ambassador of Peace, Forgiveness & Reconciliation. He is also a writer and linguist; Latin, German, English, Swahili, Hind, and many other African languages.

The author was born by a woman in Uganda, but dumped near someone’s house seven days after birth. A little note was found with him, stating ‘take care of him, he is seven days old’.

From his 25 years of life so far he learned to live his to see a positive change in people’s lives and help them to break the lock of their circumstances. ‘If we want a bright future, we should overcome the temptation of locking ourselves up in the past which can never serve the current and future needs of humanity. Unless we find out what good we can extract from our painful past, we will remain slaves to our history.’ As he says: “Yes I was dumped but God never dumps anybody. Instead He nourishes the life that He has created deep within us.”

Despite the fact that abortion is on a high rate in the world today, I thank God I was simply dumped and not aborted. The ease with which in my country pregnancies just ‘happen’ and abortions are carried out with the same ease, fills me with sadness and pain. Surely it is possible to have people treat this issue with greater responsibility!

I am very grateful to God to be alive today! The very fact that I was dumped, picked up and taken care of by someone has made me what I am today. We should learn to not identify too much our lives and that of others by the actions we did in the past and so, , I cannot judge my mother.
Life is sacred, and the sacredness of life should not be tempered with. This means taking responsibility, to ensure that no one has to put themselves through mutilation of their bodies or go through the trauma of having to cast one’s child off!

No matter what happens to us, we only need to make sure that it does not happen to someone else if we really take a position against something.

In my thinking, whatever the circumstances, I believe that would my mother have felt she had the choice, she wouldn’t have had to dump me. I therefore forgive her in the first place and pray that she may have peace wherever she may be. Judgments seem good if you are not the one judged. Since it is only in forgiveness that we can have freedom, power, strength and joy, I forgave my mother. My mother might have been very poor and not able to afford taking care of me. Later in my life, this was the seeding of my motivation of empowering the community, especially women. To break the cycle of poverty that might have caused my mother to dump me. This is what has led me to the founding of POVERTY ERADICATION ACTION PLAN AFRICA (P.E.A.P AFRICA)
And so far I have empowered more than 10,000 women in East Africa and the world at large to learn how to be self-reliant.

I got motivated to work for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation through music, talks and writing, because of the fact that I lived with many people in the different camps (I.D.P) in the Northern part of Uganda from 2004 to 2007 and later got caught up in the Post Election Violence of Kenya in 2007-2008 in Nakuru, Molo, Kuresoi, Kericho and finally in Eldoret. Here I continued with my voluntary work in capacity building of the communities.

My motivation was also born out of meeting an amazing lady, Kyokunda Annet, who took care of me when I had a serious traffic accident in 2006, until I recovered in the Hospital. She gave up her daily duties and took care of me, knowing that none of my family was aware of my situation. Not minding about my tribe or family, she helped me. This further encouraged me to do the same for others. Goodness gives birth to goodness. Your good will always remain yours, so no need to fear giving it away. Kindness and love are the only things that multiply as we divide them. The only perfume we can pour on others of which will enjoy the scent as well.

Remember it is not whether you have the resources or not, it is you knowing where you want to put the mark of your existence on planet earth. Always ask yourself these questions:
1. Who Am I?
2. Where am I?
3. Why am I here?
4. Where do I want to go?
5. How do I get there?

Unless you know this, you will keep standing in the middle of everything not knowing who you are.
This book will give you a strategy towards fulfillment of life and success.
Make sure you live up to your abilities and potential. That is what it means to live.
The main question in a person’s life is; “Who Am I?”
What you identify with will make your destiny. Search for what you wish to identify with every moment if you don’t know it.
If you haven’t yet answered these questions, you better get at it, before it is too late. No human being is born at home. We are all born away from home. We therefore have to find our path to our home.
Definiteness of purpose is one driving factor for humans on their journey to success.

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Interests: I am inerested in Writing and reading, Industrial development and socio-economic isues,conflict resolution, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation and community capacity building,Music for peace, Africa and Resources\\\' utilization, Globalization, Educati

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