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Nina Jones StorebÝ

Akershus, Norway


Home page:

I am a stay at home mum to two children, and married to a wonderful man. I have no other writing experience other than what I have delivered to my teachers - all of them praising me and wishing for me to keep on writing!

I was born in Wales in 1984,but moved to Norway in 1990. The move was difficult for me, and it left me without any friends at all. This lead me in to a lot of daydreaming to make the hours of the clock pass by. Until I was about 13, the daydreams were very realistic to me, and I used to say them out loud to gain friends - stating that it was all real and true. Then mum begged me to write down my lies, which got me to writing down every little fantasy I had in detail. My fantasising developed and every night since I was 13, I fantasised long stories and adventures before I went to sleep. Some of these stories have stuck with me and developed in to what I am writing down now.

Interests: My interests apart from writing, are scrapping, music and cheerleading.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No