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Delores Boone

Agent: Alan Gray
Monroe, Washington, United States

I grew up in the midwest, married a childhood sweetheart who turned out to be abusive,
had two children and became an R.N. so that I could support them after a divorce. After
graduating from a Nursing Program I submitted a proposal (following an inguiry) to publish
Nursing Notes with added blank spots for additional notes, to Macmillan. I submitted my last
course, Psychiatry, because it was freshest in my mind. That was a grave mistake.

Macmillan sent it off to three of their healthcare experts. The first advised them to buy
my proposal as is, the second advised them to buy it with some revision, but the third expert
torn it to shreds proclaiming that electroconvulsive therapy was no longer practiced in the
U.S.; so other facts could be in error. This "expert" was actually the one in error. ECT is still
done in some states even today. Apparently it was not being done in the state (s)he lived in.
Psychiatric treatment is so varied from state to state, so I lost the book for submitting the
most controversial healthcare field, rather than one that offered uniform treatments. I chalked
this up to a learning experience.

After remarriage and two more children I now live on the Pacific Coast. Within these two
marriages I have drafted four books; a medical thriller, a self help book and two children's
books. However, it was a craft book, not yet written, that was picked up by Northlight Books.
Also, the first book to teach readers, with step by step photos and instructions, how to make
soap using the method of hot processing oils, water and lye in a crockpot, turkey roaster and
a double boiler.

However, my preference has always been for fiction. It is far easier to write. I like to paint
a picture with words, rather than worry if my facts will be detrimentally altered or changed by
a new editor.

Interests: Writing Fiction; Philosophical discussions and friendly debates; Reading memoirs of persons outside the United States

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Handcrafted Soap: Make it Today, Use it Tonight