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John Worman

PO Box 73
Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, United States


Home page:

John Worman was born in Central California, to his great surprise. Actually he wanted to come from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but his parents had other ideas. They quickly swept him off to Anchorage, Alaska where he lived at the tundra's edge. Finally, at the age of nine, East Los Angeles became his home. John was educated in the public school system, studied violin and was constantly chased by the local gangs. He tried his hand at college only to find his male hormones too overwhelming.

John reasoned that through unique employment opportunities he might meet extraterrestrials. However, the closest he got to space was x-ray astronomy, gamma ray moon mapping, simulating the Martian atmosphere and getting a nose length away from Apollo moon rocks. Finally he came to his senses and took the next freight out of town. He landed in the desert southwest of Tucson, Arizona, where he built his own house, studied the worlds great religions and finished his college degree.

Today, John still enjoys playing the violin. But his main occupation remains electronic engineering. He has written many technical articles, a few fiction works and most recently a novel, The Highest Mountain, ISBN 0-595-01031-8. For recreation, he hits the ski slopes and has also been seen sailing a catamaran in the French Antilles. The closest he gets to extraterrestrials is when he's flying a Cessna 182.

Interests: Reading and writing, music, playing the violin, downhill skiing, ocean sailing, flying, camping and hiking, attending workshops and seminars, learning new things!

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Highest Mountain