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Philo Ikonya

Agent: espie estay
Oslo, Norway


Home page:

Philo studied Linguistics and Literature at the University of Nairobi before proceeding to Spain and Italy where she studied Spanish, Education and Philosophy. She worked as a freelance journalist and teacher. She speaks Gikuyu, Kiswahili, English, Spanish and Norwegian.

In Kenya, Philo is recognized in Kenya for speaking out against injustice and corruption. She was arrested several times for speaking out. Her poems published in various anthologies have been tough reflections on Kenya’s governance and inaccessibility of wealth to the majority of the population and the violence that ensued in 2007 after an election debacle.

Two volumes of poetry, Cells of Courage and Love and Ringing and Singing (for children) were published in 2010 in Austria and in Kenya. Philo is in exile in Norway since 2010. In Kenya she was the President of PEN Kenya Chapter.

She belongs to a precious generation educated mainly by their own in Africa. Her mother was her first language teacher. It is from them that she learnt to defend her freedom of expression as her father shared with her many of his experiences as a detainee during Kenya’s liberation from British rule. Philo is guided by creative initiatives for change and many have acknowledged being inspired by her. Born in 1959 in Kiambu, Kenya Philo has a way of impacting from unexpected places and speaks to different ages easily.

Interests: Would like an agent. I have three finished novellas and some poetry volumes as well as children's books.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes