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Sausage Mahoney

Agent: Jesus
Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada

This man began his life wanting to be a scientist. He discovered that his own powers of attentiveness were extremely limited. He discovered philosophy while attempting an Arts degree in university, and only toward the end of that degree did he begin to learn the skills required to do well... He developed a philosophical thesis which tortures him to this day and which - because of simple fear and laziness, or perhaps its more complicated than laziness - he cannot completely articulate. He is completely convinced that his philosophical thesis is legitimate and paradigm-shift-worthy, as it were. He's caught up in the world of family of intenet business, of recession, and of desperation. He wars so much with his own inadequacy that he can't devote any energy to his higher goals. He also has a brilliant book idea, and you would be extremely fortunate if he regained his senses and mustered enough self-control to finish either his book or his thesis... in either case, he believes, your world would change, for the better... this editor hopes with all his heart that the world persists for long enough that he can make a difference by expounding these ideas that will fulfil his wishes and make the world a better place.

Interests: Oh Geez, make me a perfect rice pudding, I mean PERFECT, and then I'll tell you what I'm interested in... Obviously I'm interested in rice pudding.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes