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Agent: Cristina Amaral
Teresopolis, Brazil


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The author and his theory

With 30 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, and corporate life, a career that began at the tender age of eight out of necessity for survival…For my entire life I have conceived of, built, and managed businesses, companies, and human relations.

Growing up without a family, I threw myself into the business world with one sole purpose—to make a difference!

When in 1974 I lost my mother, and since I never even had a father, I made my first important decision when standing before a judge and declaring what I wanted in life: I chose to live with my grandmother. I was only four years old at the time.

In 1978 I began to work in what we today would call child labor. I was eight years old then, orphaned without a father or mother, and living with a grandmother who couldn’t read or write.

In 1986, at the age of 16, I started my first company.

In 1994, I did a million dollars in business, when I was only 24 years old.

In 1995, my three companies were doing business with 52 multi-nationals, such as Citibank, 3COM, McKinsey, AT&T, Ford, Coca-Cola, MIT, among others. (An interesting detail is that I didn’t master a single word of English at the time).

I failed three times and came out of it to be able to tell about the bitter taste and wisdom of what I had learned.

In 2000, the media specializing in the area I was working in considered me to be the backbone of the adventure market in Brazil.

In 2001, I was invited by the Brazilian government to take part in a trade mission to the USA to publicize nature and eco-tourism in the various regions of Brazil.

In 2003, I was considered the person able to generate the greatest amount in sponsorships for Brazil in this area, and on the basis of my methodology, I was able to get companies like Fiat, Citizen, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nissan, HP, TAM Airlines, among others, to invest millions in the adventure market in South America.

In 2008, I launched my first book in Brazil, Doing Business from the Human Side, which the trade press and the corporate world considered to be indispensable reading for the professional of the future.

I am also the author of the following works, which I am securing for future publication: The Gospel and The Revenge of God, both in the romantic/thriller genre.

Together with two partners, I produced the feature-length documentary, The Tree of Music, whose message is the need to protect Pernambuco wood, which is traditionally the most highly valued wood for use in producing bows for string instruments. The documentary was filmed in Europe, the United States, and Brazil, and won several awards in Brazilian and international film festivals.

Many things that I learned outside academic institutions, but experienced on a daily basis since childhood, led me to create the Theory of Human Negotiation and of the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

I firmly believe that what causes changes in behavior are trends and our ability to predict them is what invariably leads us to success, in whatever endeavor it may be.

At present, my time is devoted exclusively to writing, motivational speaking, and investigating the mystery we call life.

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Published works:


  • Doing Business from the Human Side
  • Doing Business from the Human Side