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Michelle Manwaring

Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia


Writing a bio is much like writing a book. You write it, and it sounds fantastic when you do. Everything runs together nicely.

But then you return to it, after many weeks of unmotivated neglect, and it sounds horrible. You ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" But the truth is, it only sound terrible because since the time you wrote it, the skills you have as a writer have changed. They may have gotten better or they may have worsened after all that time spent procrastinating, rather than focusing on the story you once had high hopes for.

As I approach they last few weeks of my schoolig life, I have decided that it is time to renew my bio, like the way I have drafted the single story I have spent nearly 5 years writing over and over again, with no success in the writing world. I have noticed that my skills as a writer, as an artist of words, have grown at a rate that I can only describe as swift and silent with the long nights spent typing. With each draft, each chapter, and each word typed on a screen or writen on paper, I have grown in knowledge to eventually develop a single, select writing style.

Most people that live alongside me have little hope that I will ever publish a book, and that is why I seek to prove them wrong. When writing a book, the author looks to shape the lives of its characters, deciding for them a path of greatness or a path of loss. And in this I realise that writing a novel is much like living a life. The decisions you make will decide your path, whether it be the pathway of failure, or the pathway that leads you to achieve great things. I am an artist of words, and the pathway I choose, when writing my bio is to develope my skills and bring to the world my own style of writing.

Interests: reading, writing, music

Published writer: No

Freelance: No