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Aris Demos

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Ramstein, Germany


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My name is Aris. I first found my inspiration and my voice during the years I spent blogging about politics and Barack Obama during his historic race to the White House. Once I started writing, I was encouraged and motivated to continue by the hundreds of heartfelt comments I received from so many wonderful people. It felt like I was making a real difference in some small way.

I'm well aware that not everyone agrees with my opinions and views, but that�s not the point. If I can open even one mind to something new through my writing, it would thrill me. But, if I can get readers to test the real foundation of their own opinion by offering a different point of view, and maybe peel away some of the superficial ideas that today�s insatiable 24/7 news cycle fills by repeating the same tired views and opinions wrapped in ever-catchier headlines, then I will feel like I have achieved something great.

I have always been in awe of those great thinkers that managed to influence and move humanity ahead. Teachers of philosophy like Plato and Aristotle, shapers of science and mathematics like Albert Einstein and Archimedes, renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci, and the great speakers that inspired legions into action like Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King, and yes, even our present day Barack Obama, just to name a few. With the tiny pool of information and collective knowledge that most of these thinkers had to draw from, they came up with ideas that still shape our world today. Our democracy, our security, medicine, technology and many other pillars of our society can be traced to these grand minds and many others whose unifying quality is that they took the time to think about what plagues us and opened one mind at a time. They helped lead us on our journey forward. They were not always right, but they at least opened the doors of discussion that inspired others to improve on their thoughts and ideas. If I can add just a drop to the bucket they spent lifetimes filling, I would feel immortal.

I have 5 years experience as a paid writer spanning the followng areas: copywriter, opinion writer, marketing materials, technology reporting, press releases and editing.

Interests: Technology, Politics, World Affairs, The Human Condition, Climate Change, Poverty, Agriculture, Famine, Water Supply, Inspiration, The Big Picture

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes