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Nat Bondar

Crieff, United Kingdom

I have self published my own 242 page book about exact, pioneering clairvoyant investigation of energetic healing techniques. I was disillusioned with the repetitive texts of all the books available on the subject of crystal healing - in that no book actually gave an explanation to back the supposed therapeutic qualities of crystals and minerals. So I did my own research over some years and published the only book to date that actually provides not only full, complete explanations about the healing qualities of crystals and stones - but also has diagrams of the different energy patterns inside each of the 58 minerals I studied. If you're interested; it is called 'The Element of Harmony'.

I have also self published a set of self-development cards that show the only published images of what the subtle energies of crystals and minerals look like to precise clairvoyance. These full colour cards show the different subtle energy emanations of fifty different minerals. They can be used for physical, emotional and mental healing as well as spiritual development. They took me three years to complete from start to finish. If you're interested; they are called the 'Crystal Energy Cards'.

I am now looking for an Agent (preferably within the UK) that may be able to take either or both of these projects further with a mainstream publisher. I am also writing fictional books for children that centre on spiritual education about the actual subtle energetic of both Man and Nature. Again I see this is a market as yet untapped and so I am working towards filling the niche.

Interests: The Subtle Anatomy of Man, Spirituality without Religion, Advanced Metaphysical Knowledge, Truth, Openness, Honesty, Integrity.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Element of Harmony
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  • Crystal Energy Cards