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Michele Montgomery

Denver, Colorado, United States


Yahoo: azrider12

A little about me: I live in a place where I allow my imagination to rule me. I have lived most all of my life wondering 'What If?' Things just sort of go from there. I have more fun sitting in front of my computer getting lost in my "characters' lives" than riding a roller coaster. Then again I love playing the Sims too...something in common there?

It's funny but when a writer says they get their ideas from everywhere, they are telling you the truth. I can sit in a restaurant, a bar, or the airport and out of nowhere an idea hits me, just by watching the people. I can sit there and come up with a story about his/her life right there, I can imagine what he/she is doing there at that moment and the next second I'm jotting down the plot and ignoring (not on purpose) the people I'm with. Used to be when I took the pad of paper out with a pen they kept talking and asking me questions, now they know that I'm lost in my own world, at least until I look up at them with a grin.

Inspiration is defined as Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. And let me tell you, that my mind is always in overdrive. I love to create a story and get lost in it's hold, in my characters lives. I get going on it and let me tell you, I get so caught up in it that it's what I'm thinking of when I go to bed and it's what I'm thinking of when I open my eyes. Honestly, someone needs to invent a way for me to write while in the shower. I don't know that I know how to not think about the story I'm working with for just a day, I can't just take a day off, because really it feels as if I'll just explode if I can't get it out. Basically once I'm working with an idea, I stay lost until that idea is down and in the form of a manuscript, and ready to be read. I am so Blessed to have been given a Muse, she keeps me going even when I don't think I can go anymore.

Most of the time you can catch me sitting at my computer with my Zune going, and believe it or not, nine times out of ten i can't tell you what's playing. If someone puts the TV on and I can see it, I'm a lost cause. However, there is a bright side to that; I bet I will come up with another idea for another story.

I have three kids, Ive been married to the same wonderful man for so many years and we have three grand babies. Life is worth living for sure!! I live in Colorado with my husband where we are surrounded by our children and grand children. Are we lucky or what? The best of both Id say.

As youve probably guessed, my passion is writing. I love to dream of make believe places and people and make them come to reality so that I can share them. So, if anything that I write touches you in any way, and it leaves you thinking, then I can say Ive done my job. And if youd like, youre welcome to send me an email, Id love to hear from you.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Walking, Music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • River of Tears