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Nicolas Mottas

Salonica, Greece


Nicolas L. Mottas, born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1984, is a Ph.D and Research Student.

He studied Political Science at the University of Westminster and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons). He holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Diplomatic Studies from the Diplomatic Academy of London and the University of Westminster. The subject of his thesis was "The Fundamental Failures of the Greek Foreign Policy on the Macedonian Question since 1991".

In 2011 he was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy as a graduate of the International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University.

He has been a correspondent for the Greek newspaper 'Macedonia' in Paris (2006-2007), an international news editor for the newspapers 'Macedonia' and 'Thessaloniki' (2007-2010) and occasional commentator for the Greek-Australian Weekly newspaper 'Neos Kosmos'.

Mottas has contributed numerous articles about politics, diplomacy and the current Greek Crisis in various sources including progressive blog.

Since October 2011 he is the founder and administrator of the 'Che Guevara Greek Archives - Guevaristas' (, the first Greek website dedicated to the life, theory and actions of the Argentine marxist revolutionary. He is also a member of the editorial team of 'Sierra Maestra' blog for Cuba and Latin America.

Interests: Political Science, International Relations, Political Philosophy, Marxist Theory, Greek Politics, Revolutionary History of Cuba and Latin America, Books, Movies, etc.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes