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David Hollywood

Manama, Bahrain


I am new to the creative arts world, because up to now nothing of my own has ever been released to the public before, and consequently I donít know whether I am excited by embarrassment or nervous about the prospect of presenting my selection of poems.

However, I am inspired by my wifeís encouragement and hope they contain some tinge of merit for your readers.

As a brief background to myself, I am Irish and rejoice in Ruth and four children. My home is in Lismore, County Waterford in Ireland, but, by virtue of our career circumstancesí and necessities we frequently have to travel and abode in different countries, and presently we are living in Bahrain in The Middle East, having since the beginning of the Millennium also settled for extended periods in Charleston, South Carolina followed by a year in Chisinau, Moldova.

My background is as a Trade Consultant and Advisor to Government Departments interested in creating incentive programmes for commercial development, and also as a Marketing Mentor for industries looking to promote their portfolio internationally. I have 20 years personal Directorial experience of founding and establishing, managing and leading international trading companies,

My wife and I also own a small Wine Appreciation Society at which we occasionally lecture upon viticulture and vinicultural subjects, and are working to develop this interest among selected groups as an academic pleasure and subject in Bahrain.

Allied to this we also have a Classical Appreciation Society at which we provide occasional presentations upon varied subjects relating to Ancient History.

Among other activities has been an involvement in property development.

Of recent times I have a more removed and relaxed approach to business, and spend significantly more time on artistic and reflective subjects that I look to write about.

Moving onto my more inventive activities I have been involved in amateur dramatics for the past number of years, and appeared on tours throughout Ireland in a selection of dramas and comedy performances.

With regard to my writings, they are inspired mostly by the extremes of finality, uncertainty, unhappiness, emotional and physical pain and the joy that then comes from release. Resulting from this is a variety of stern images and sometimes comic observations.

I think my poems have manifested themselves in terms which reflect an ongoing stimulation of sensations and passions, combined with abstract impressions of the real, imagined, sensed and available, and consequently they expose uncomfortable fears or lack of confidences we may sometimes have.

There are also a number of essays about spirituality, ghosts, our innate talents and the misuse of them, American education, some forgotten classical history figures and various other subjects that I am working upon, and which should be ready for independent criticism within the next year.

I donít know what more to say without being continuously tedious. However, I hope the above makes some shred of sense and I am happy to answer any questions or otherwise you may have of me.

In any event and the meantime, and regardless of whether they are simply grating, irritating, clumsy or of some curiosity to you I wish to thank you for your attentions.

Interests: Ancient History, Amateur Dramatics, Science, Wine Education

Published writer: No

Freelance: No