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Heidi Ellis

Hammond, Indiana, United States

Writing is a passion for me. I know a lot of writers
spout that statement as though it were the end all
and be all of their existence, but few really plumb
the depths of its meaning. Passion is an all-
consuming emotion, one that makes it impossible
to ignore or block out. To be passionate about
writing is to have it always on your mind, even
when you're doing other things. This is what it
feels like when you're trying to fill your gas tank
and that character development finally clicks or
you're vacuuming the hall and suddenly you know
how to get Trevor out of his life or death situation.
Like a leaky faucet, you can't turn it off. And yet, it's
the most wonderful feeling.

I have a bachelor's degree in Communication and
three minors in English, History and Psychology,
so you can see where my voracious appetite for
reading and research got me. My ideal job would
be to work at a university and teach, but currently I am searching at a job that will pay my
bills while I work towards getting my novels published.
My work history is as colorful and varied as my
college years. This made for some interesting

Although I haven't had anything published on
paper yet, I have been writing since I was in 8th
grade which logs me in at 27 years in the writing
experience race. I lean towards genre fiction
(horror, romance, etc), novel length, but am still
developing the discipline to finish some of my
epics. I have published short works online at,(now defunct) a literary e-zine that a few of my friends and I developed. I have a couple of online weblogs to give me some place to vent my considerable spleen. I'm trying to find my own
voice, but authors that I respect are Clive Barker,
Steven King, Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice,
Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward,
Dorothy Parker, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Storm Constantine, and many poets of the Romantic
Era (Shelley, Byron, Keats, Yeats, etc).

I hope that now in my mellowing older years, I
have finally reached the age when I can finally get
the courage up to submit my dusty prose for
approval or at least constructive criticism.

Interests: Movies (all kinds), Music (All kinds), researching obscure historical oddities, Theology, esoterica, web design

Published writer: No

Freelance: No