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Mark Andrew Bogdania

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Mark Andrew Bogdania was born in 1963 in Olathe, Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University with bachelor's and masters' degrees in the Earth Sciences and was employed as a project manager with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prior to pursuing a PhD in Science Education at the University of Kansas. His first novel, The Amazing Double-Life of Marcus Pivo: Lviving with Agent Orange (2008) is a roman-a-clef work of fiction focusing on how a contamination release from one part of the planet could cause geopolitical mayhem in another portion of this ever shrinking world.

He developed a love for poetry while serving as an NSF Science Fellow in the Kansas City, Kansas Public School District where he used haiku writing as a form of learning assessment and lived to speak of it. His debut book of poems, Jump Joint & Other Scribbles (2009) is a deep reflection from the inner workings of the onion bulb.

Australia, Haiku'd Adventures in Oz (2009) is a haiku infused photo-log of the author's journey to "Oz" as he worked the harvest trail in the Fall of 2006. The title pays some homage to Richard Daintree, a pioneering Australian geologist and photographer who is credited with discovering numerous gold fields and coal seams for future exploration in in Queensland, Australia. His seminal work Australia (1857) first introduced the world via panoramic photography to both the richness of eastern Australia's geography and the beauty of its geology. His "footsteps in the sand" can still be found in many places within the Land Down Under and provide great inspiration to all modern day explorers.

The soon to be published Spilt Apples, Knotted Shoutouts from Marge's Pet Shop (2010) is an existential romp of short stories crafted to cure your writer's block and add more fiction to your "fanfic."

Mark and his dog Snoopy live an amazingly normal life along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois.

Interests: Travel Adventure, Haiku, Poetry, Short Story

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Amazing Double-Life of Marcus Pivo: Lviving with Agent Orange
  • Poetry

  • Australia, Haiku'd Adventures in Oz
  • Jump Joint & Other Scribbles