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j.c boros

maple lake, Mississippi, American Samoa

im 14...yea i kno what your thinking that im a little too young to be a really good writer but actually i've been a writer since 4th grade i enjoy the way you can write all your feelings down on a piece of paper and make characters that each have their own personalities its always fun but the problem is sometimes i get distracted and start writing other things other than my book im really trying to work on and i also have school i try to do as much as i can during study halls and after school but i still dont think its enough if i ever want to get my book done...and to top it all off i have writers block right now i can't think of what should happen next and its really starting to bum me anyway about my writing i really like to write about things like vampires or superheros except my superheros dont wear crazy costumes but every character has a little bit of me in them or if they dont they are how i wish people would be sometimes.......well thats everything about my writing i hope you enjoyed..............

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