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Mary Scanlon

Rockford, Minnesota, United States


Home page:

I am a Christian author and speaker. I have been a writer for all of my life, starting from about the age of six, though this is the first time that I am offering my books to the public. I had written many poetry pieces while in my twenties, some of which I received awards for, and also have had them published in the past.

I believe that the more an author is involved in every aspect of their book - from the making of it to the marketing of it - and the more they research and get to know the needs of their target audience, the more successful a book will be!

I love to write and encourage people to think outside the box. Many people are gifted in different ways, and I love to encourage them to use their giftings in a widely productive way.

I have recently finished writing a book based on my life testimony. It is entitled 'The Life I Lost'. It chronicles not only my heart breaking past, but I have also written about my near death experience when I was overdosed by an angry drug dealer, and what I had seen during that time of 'death'.

I have a wide target audience for this book, as it reaches pre-teens, teens, young adults, as well as adults because they can relate to a lot of the experiences that I had written about in the book.

'The Life I Lost' hits on issues such as abuse, peer pressure, rejection, abandonment, drug addiction, violence, suicide, etc, and hits home on many issues that my target audience are facing in their lives today.

I have also written a wonderful Christian adventure book, entitled 'Victor E. Standings and the search for the Lost Key', which is well liked by children as well as youth and young adults who describe it as a mix between Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean!

Another of my books recently published is 'Prophetic Impressions: Thirty Days With Christ' and is now available to the public as well. This book is for a general audience and is based on a thirty day period spent with the Lord in which He reveals many things about the Kingdom of God as well as Hell.

This is the perfect book for those that are wondering what Heaven looks like, or are wondering if Hell is real. If you are curious about the Kingdom of God, then 'Prophetic Impressions: Thirty Days With Christ' is the book for you!

More information about my books can be found at

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Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Life I Lost
  • Children's Literature

  • Victor E. Standings and the search for the Lost Key
  • Other

  • Prophetic Impressions: Thirty Days With Christ