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Vicki Collins

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Austin, Texas, United States


Home page:

Vicki L. Collins graduated from Al. State University with a degree in education. Literature was her favorite subject in school, as well as it is today. She often kept a spiral notebook filled with poems and short stories she penned about people, relationships, the weather, etc. During her undergraduate studies she was often praised for her uncanny ability to critique the works of William Shakespeare and Ayn Rand.

After graduating from college she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and pursued a career in teaching. As a public school teacher she was often responsible for writing plays, poems, and monologues for students to perform. She taught elementary school for many years, before she decided to write a book based on a true story.

The epiphany came while telling a childhood friend about a past relationship. The childhood friend said, “That sounds like a story you would read in a novel.” Thus, the beginning of ‘Dreams of a Bushmaster’ was launched.

When Vicki sits down to write she transforms into LaNe´ (La Nay). This pseudo persona was created to liberate her southern inhibitions and free her imagination. Having been raised in the Deep South (Birmingham, Alabama) where sex or anything related to the subject was taboo, made writing this book a challenge for her. Dreams of a Bushmaster, is the first book of The Bushmaster Trilogy. The second book is already in the works.


Interests: Stomping out: Hunger, Homicide,Prejudice,Molestation etc...the evils of the world!!!

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Dreams of a BUSHMASTER