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Alex Cenni

Hamilton, Other US, United States


Well I was born in 1984, you guys do the math, I got into reading afer my mom gave me 'The Girl with Silver Eyes' in 4th grade because I had the chicken pox. After that it was bascially her fault that I absorbed every written word around me, even some I shouldn't have, and forgot to do my math (which had previously been my favorite thing).

I started writing in 6th grade, a sort auto-biography about my life to that point. It didn't go over well enough with my teacher to actually be anything worthwhile, so I gave that up.

In 7th grade, when my parents split, I took it all in a stride, but then when I was writing my stories, which had a lot of happy two parent families before then, kinda took a dark turn. My main char's parents were now split up, with an ugly divorce and she usually ended up with low self-esteem. Since that made me even more depressed, I stopped that too.

When I hit high school I got into writing poems big time. I have to date about 15 poems published, won 10 contests with varying degrees of money and had two short stories published on line. Nothing big really, but is something I can say I did by myself.

I plan on going to college to major in writing (of any sort) and minor in ancient world history and ancient languages. Pretty ambitious for a girl who can't even pass algebra 2 without help.

Interests: Well writing of course, video games, as weird as this is archery, biking, comics (I adore comics of any kind), VR, net-games or PBEM's and baby-sitting

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes