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Elma Ferreira

Agent: agentname
Benoni, South Africa


We are all but mere grains of sand with an undeniable potential of growing into precious pearls if only cherished and covered long enough in the soft and gentle shell of love's oyster. But if love spits us out prematurely, we find ourselves half baked in the scorching sun, being neither earthed nor pearled, but shapeless and shriveled.

So therefore, in writing, I shall strive to touch the tapestry of tender lives, feel the subtlety of jested jives
and pour my presence out into their portholes when the ship arrives.

May stroking be our substitute for striking and loving our lavender for living. May we pour from behind our gender door the secrets of soul and the spirit of being so whole, that we would not be able to distinguish a rule from a role.

We should just be. And grant each other the window to see that some are forever and others for free....

It is my desire to publish a coffee table book with pictures and prose, portraying the pristine poplars planted on our sphere, the stars, hanging from a ravenous roof and the moon, like a misty ball bouncing through eternity.

Interests: Computer programming, Photography, Fine arts, Prose and Poetry, Classical Guitar, Singing.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes