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Daton Fluker

room 201 1-20-10 chuo Nishi Ku
Yokohama-city Kanagawa-ken, Japan


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Author Daton L. Fluker has written three books in the last two years and one of them is making its way into the spot like. “Finished Cries” is one of the most talked about Short Story Fictions on the internet today. If you are looking for something new and scary to read; well you’ve come to the right place. His main genre is horror fiction. He grew up in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The old folk tales that was taught to him when he was growing up inspired him to seek out his destiny to become literary author. His grandmother was half Indian and she had a lot of tales of what she saw when she was living on the Indian reservation. His mother loved telling him stories at night about fantasy creatures that she has created totally from imagination. Also living in a city that is dissolution to what most people see when they come sightseeing are brutally taunted by phony atheisms. Drugs and prostitution is a contentment of desire in a place that has so much of it. Baton Rouge and New Orleans are somewhat the same on the murder rate. It’s either die, sale drugs, go to jail or join the military after high school. Not everybody in Louisiana is subjected to such a life style. Some have wealthy family members who give them the tools they need to survive in such a chaotic atmosphere. All of these situations have giving him the ability to be acquainted with horror and bring it to you in an action pack since. Keep a look out for more books written by Daton L Fluker. ....

Interests: Writing, Horror, Fantasy, pornographic, transsexualism, hate, fear

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No