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Garrett Graham

Agent: Dottie Shapiro
PO Box 2, Old Chelsea Station
New York,, New York, United States


Home page: http://www.TheGayState.EU

Born in New York in 1959, Garrett T. Frasier Graham was educated in the United States and Europe. He worked in law and as a political activist and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, London and Amsterdam before entering business. He invested in international real estate and a number of businesses. In the early 1990’s Graham embarked on a kayaking expedition throughout Canada’s Inside Passage; from Seattle to Alaska and wrote about the journey in Yaking The Passage. He followed up with a year in Central America; El Salvador and Guatemala building orphanages in war ravaged communities. He returned to his beloved New York and Palm Beach and opened a publishing house which went on to become one of the largest of its kind at the time, before selling it in the early 2000’s. Throughout his life, Graham travelled extensively, having homes in Europe, the States and in the Pacific.

He has been a human rights activist and has devoted his time to issues relating to the Gay community for the last fifteen years. In early retirement, Graham dedicated time and thought to the Gay questions of the new millennium. Through his research and findings, Graham concluded that the argument for the development of a free and independent Gay State deserved further scrutiny. Since late 2006, in conversations with global Gay leaders and in salons, conferences and conventions to examine the cause, Graham embarked on formulating a paper dedicated to the subject.

In 2007, The Gay State was first published. A second printing in 2008 included dissemination throughout five continents. It was favorably and widely received for starting a dialogue on the viability and necessity for the establishment of the world’s first majority Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender nation. It will be the only nation on earth with a Homosexual majority. We do however, believe ardently in equality and justice and believe there is a place at the table for non-Gay Heterosexuals who wish to participate in a historic experiment in citizenship that will be for the Ages.

A revised and re-edited version and third printing is expected in early 2010. The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means To Conservatives And The World’s Religions, will continue to be a must-read for all of our citizens, community leaders, academics, the media, as well as the world’s conservatives and religious communities in every country around the world. This is a massive movement that is having a global impact in transforming millions of lives.

Garrett Graham invites his current followers and readers of The Gay State to monitor the production process on TheGayStateBlog, as this literary work continues to gain momentum in a world in general and the Gay community in particular, that is looking for hope. It is within our power to build a society that can change the world and to build a country that will be a call to come home.

When not in research or meeting with delegates from the United Nations and other global Gay activists, Graham resides in his Manhattan with his husband Mike and their three Boston Terriers. When they are not travelling internationally, the couple enjoys their free time and long weekends in Key West, and on Fire Island.

Interests: Gay Equality, Gay Independence, Gay Nationalism, LGBT issues, global Gay independence movement, linguistics/reference, adventure travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means To Conservatives And The World's Religions.