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Alex Domokos

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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My co-authored suspense book entitled Body Traffic was short-listed for the Margaret Laurence Book Award! Body Traffic is the print version of our e-book entitled Masquerade.

Please read my Bio, below.

Warmest Greetings:

I was born in Szabadka, Yugoslav in 1921 but while still an infant I was smuggled over the border to Hungary, where our family settled.

My father was an educated man and instilled a love of literature in me at a very early age. At the age of seventeen I was President of our school's literary club and that same
year won my first writing contest for a story on the history of the school, which had been established in the 13th century.

As members of the upper-middle class, it was customary to send sons to military college for a higher education. Upon graduation I planned to follow in my father's footsteps and join the police force however World War Two intervened and I was called
to front line duty in the Gendarmery. Two short months after I married, I was captured by the Russians during the siege of Budapest and so began six long years as a prisoner of war in Russia.

It was during my captivity that my talent for writing and story telling really came out. In a prison camp life focuses on food, or lack thereof, but the detainee is also starved for
mental stimulation. To entertain my fellow inmates I began writing stories on empty cement bags, then, on certain evenings I would hold what began to be called the "Domokos Evening Show" and I would have a reading of the latest chapter of whatever
I was writing. My first "novel" was called "The Invention of Writing in Egypt". I'm sure it wasn't very well written however it was very well received by men who desperately needed a boost to their morale. None of the writing that I did during those six years survived as we were not allowed to retain any written material when we were moved from one camp to another.

It was in one of the camps that I first conceived of the idea for my novel "Prometheus". In exploring what distinguished man from beast I came to the conclusion that it was his mastery of fire; he alone of all the animals can control his instinct to flee from fire and use it either for his benefit, or as power over others.

In 1956 my wife and I fled Hungary for Austria but were forced to leave our baby daughter behind. The agony of this six year separation before being reunited in Canada, as well as my prisoner of war years and the three years I spend under
deportation from Budapest prompted me to write my autobiography "The Price of Freedom"

I was having difficulty getting my novels published in Canada until a friend encouraged me to try e-publishing. I'm pleased to say that that suggestion has resulted in a very satisfying association with Please keep your eye on the
Crossroads web site as I have plans to submit other novels in future.

Alex Domokos

Interests: Writing (of course), sculpting, photography, sociology, exploring the human mind

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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  • Prometheus
  • Masquerade
  • Body Traffic
  • The Centurion
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  • The Price of Freedom
  • Ten Chocolates From the Box
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