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George Schwarz

Agent: None

Bothell, Washington, United States


My interest in Southeast Asia began during the Korean War when I was a U.S. Army instructor at Ft. Benning, Georgia's Airborne School and volunteered in 1953 to instruct French colonial troops in basic airborne techniques in Indochina. This mission was canceled, however, when China threatened to enter the Indochina War, but even as the years passed, my interest in that region remained.

In the early 1960's when America's involvement in the Viet Nam War began to intensify, I gained employment with a U.S. company engaged in South Viet Nam. For the next several years I worked, lived and traveled to see more of the country than many of my compatriots.

After the fall of South Viet Nam, my gypsy-like employment has taken me to exotic Indonesia several times, to countries in Africa, & multiple times to countries in the Mid-East spanning 30-plus years of working abroad.

Interests: History, foreign travel, writing non-fiction accounts of the experiences of American expatriates who have worked in exotic locations around the world.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • April Fools: An American Remembers South Viet Nam's Final Days