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Dave Meckanic

Agent: Suzanne Roberts

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Home page:

I am basically an engineer/designer/scientist. I run a small R&D firm that develops electronic products for the public and private sectors. There was a time in my life though, when my business activities were far different from now. A time when I worked for the military. Trust me, ignorance can be bliss.

I was a lot younger then and more naive. Like all Canadians it seemed, I was just another member of the herd of Sheople. When disparaging information came across the 'glass tit' I changed the channel, after all, the trouble was far away. I worked all day and then sat in my insulated house with my insulated life to relax, in what I thought was a safe place.

Working with the military overseas, changed my life and my view of the world. I had never seen death, the gory, bloody , sticky kind before and certainly never up close and personal, until then. It took me a while to become acclimatized, I was young enough to adapt. Fortunately not old enough to become calloused by the innumerable dead eyes I have seen.

I came back to Canada from overseas in 1990 and re-started the aforementioned R&D firm. Since then I have been involved with many firms, as well as the government, in research projects. I would like to be able to state, all legitimate firms perform legitimate research, at least the ones I dealt with. However, I am not afforded that luxury.

I've dealt with just about all types of corruption, in a variety of manners and because of this, I am not normal, but I really wouldn't want to be. It would be better however, if my life didn't have such a knife's edge. But is it better to wallow in moderation or live in the extremes?

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Freelance: Yes


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  • With Malice and Forethought