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Patrick Pahlavi

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Niederuzwil 9244, Switzerland


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My full name is Patrick Ali Pahlavi. I was heir to the throne of Iran from 1954 to 1960. Since the end of the 1960s I studied and practised, for some 40 years, nearly all the great religions and spiritualities: Taoism, Buddhism (Zen), Hinduism (Advaita), Judaism, Christianism (I was baptized when I was born), and Islam. I studied the Koran for some 12 years with ayatollah Malayeri. When I went back from the States in Iran in the beginning of the 1970s, I noticed the corruption of my uncle's regime and denounced it publicly. In 1975 I was arrested and jailled at Evin prison. There, everyday I was submitted to four hours interrogation and I was also psychologically tortured, notably with a fake execution. When I was released i had become a political figure. My uncle the Shah who feared a international scandal kept me for two more years under house of arrest. At the revolution in 1979, I was the only imperial prince to remain in Iran. There, the Clergy was divided about me. There was those who saw in me the danger of a return to the Pahlavi and those who saw in me a posssible solution. Four times I was brought to Evin prison again and for times my partisans released me. Eventually I left my country three days prior a trial that should have sentenced me to death. Today, I teach spirituality and you may find one part of my writings on facebook (Patrick Ali Pahlavi), and I also participate to the uprising in Iran.

Interests: Psychology, spirituality, sociology, religions, politics.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes