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Benjamin Spaethe

Agent: agentname
501 116th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States


Children explore a level of creativity by writing in diaries that summarizing their daily lives. At the age of ten, my journal depicted a fantasy describing all the adventures I wished to embark on. Instead of expressing my most passionate dreams, I ushered them into reality using a cheap pen, a spiral notepad and my imagination. I since discovered that my passion is not to venture into the world and live an exciting life full of adventure, romance, and mystery. Instead I explore a fictional world that becomes a personal reality when I create an astonishing story that jumps from my mind and onto the page before me.
Having a childhood desire to become an Archaeologist, an Astronomer, and a Meteorologist, I took my accumulated knowledge of these fascinating subjects and applied them to a significant novel about a man named Jon Weston who embarks on a journey that ultimately changes mankind's perception on the past, present, and future. Library of Kings is the start of a four-book series that takes you along with the main character from the depths of the Great pyramid, to the vast remote regions of the Amazon Rainforest, to the cold, red surface of Mars.
Jon Weston sets out to continue his late grandfather's unfinished work in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. With the help of two friends, they make a discovery that puts them on the brink of world-changing history. By discovering a disguised ancient map on the wall within the King's Chamber, they set out to find a mysterious artifact. To their astonishment, they discover an underground chamber comprising of three rooms, one of which contains thousands of ancient scrolls secretly written by various Pharaohs over time. These documents connect the Egyptians to traveling abroad, building temples, pyramids, and cities throughout the world. Religious, mathematical, scientific and astronomical breakthroughs of massive proportions are brought to light as Jon and his friends comb through the most precious historical material ever discovered, but how did the Pharaohs uncover such advanced information in their era?
Through the adventure of exploring the vast Egyptian desert, encountering deadly obstacles, falling hopelessly in love, blackmailed by powerful religious figures, and commended by the most prestigious people in various fields, Jon Weston re-introduces a legacy of world-changing information the Pharaohs had kept secret for all these years. Life couldn't get any better for Jon until another discovery is made in the underground chamber, showing evidence of a lost Egyptian city hidden in the remote region of the Amazon Basin. With the help of several specialists, the United States Military, and the US and Brazilian Governments, Jon takes his adventure to a whole new level by setting out into yet another great unknown.
Currently at the age of twenty-five, I have lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for the past four years. I sincerely enjoy watching my daughter grow with each passing day. This city has brought forward a dramatic influence when I wrote Library of Kings, as you will find. I am ready to have the world join in and experience what I have to offer because I am tired of enjoying these magnificent stories alone. People deserve to immerse themselves into a book where they see new concepts of religion, our way of life, written history, cosmic theory and so much more. Whether the world wants to accept my offer to ride along or not, I will still continue to pursue my one real passion of writing for the rest of my life. So I ask you to please help this book find it's way into the reading community who desires to be overwhelmed by the explanation of mysterious concepts we still question to this day.
You have an opportunity as a literary agent to create a business relationship that will continue to develop for years to come. Thank you very much for your consideration as I know you will absolutely enjoy my story!

Interests: My deepest lifelong passion is to provide the world with a series of novels that explain many mysteries through action, adventure, suspense, and romance that mankind questions to this day.

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Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Egyptian Diamond