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George Anderson

116 South Union Avenue
Cranford, New Jersey, United States


George Anderson has over 43 years experience as a human being. He has an opinion on just about everything and especially enjoys reveling in the agony and misfortune of others. Perhaps not noble traits, but life is short so why not enjoy it.

Mr. Anderson (occasionally publishing under the pseudonym, Dr. Screwloose) currently serves as vice president and creative director of, a B@B online community for consumer goods executives and their retailer counterparts. His work appears every Monday in the site's StreetBeat column as well as regularly running columns on

To avoid having others revel in his misfortune, Mr. Anderson has spent the past 20+ years working primarily in business-to-business communications. This has helped pay the bills and given Mr. Anderson the opportunity to make fun of a lot of people providing him with not just a job but what a career.

Prior to receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse and joining IdeaBeat, Mr. Anderson was the founder and chief executive of Not Your Average Agency, a full-service trade advertising agency and marketing consulting firm with a client list filled with the country’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. This, as you can well imagine, has given Mr. Anderson enough material to last several lifetimes.

Mr. Anderson has always wanted a wall full of plagues with degrees from renowned institutions. Unforturnately, Mr. Anderson entered college in the mid-seventies and like many of his classmates, has no idea where he was or what he did until 1983. He can account for virtually every minute since then, however, and he has made sure to keep tidy financial records in case of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

When not making fun of others, verbally or in print form, Mr. Anderson spends much of his time saying. "Yes, dear." A devout coward, Mr. Anderson is particularly fearful of his diminutive Jewish wife. Joining Mr. Anderson in this fearfest are several small human beings that his wife has told him are his children. They do sort of look like him.

Interests: Family, finance, politics, popular culture, business, sports

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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