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Alison Bezzina

B'kara, Malta


Home page:

The best way to describe who I am is to say that Iíve been writing for pleasure and for pain, for over a decade. What keeps me going is certainly not the money nor the fame, because even though I've been published on every national publication, magazine and newspaper, in a small country like ours none of these are really possible.

Although I also write for other people, to help them achieve their business or personal goals, I write mainly for myself. Mostly I write for the passion of connecting words with opinions, and because as yet, there is no known medication for verbal diarrhoea. Truth be told, writing is the only thing that keeps me out of a white padded room or in a straight jacket.

Let me explain what happens - the smallest, most insignificant event, triggers off a host of unrelated thoughts in my brain, in turn, these set off a host of emotions, opinions, and positions about anything under the sun. In this state of mind, I lose the ability to form words into comprehensible speech. In this state, had I to verbalize my thoughts, no one would be able to make head or tails of what is going through my mind. Keeping all this gurgling spinning around my head is not an option as it would most definitely lead to mental constipation Ė the type that no amount of mental prunes will be able to sort out. This is when I am forced to apply the mental equivalent of a renal enema by getting everything out on paper, or rather, on to a computer screen. I write everything - from shopping lists, to Ďto doí lists, to goalsí lists and birthday lists. For me thereís a virtual loop between writing and doing, so unless I write it down, it is not real, it has not happened, or it cannot get done.

You see, thoughts enter and leave my head in no particular order, and are linked together by the most irrational and crazy logic. For instance, the sight of a baby crying reminds me to pick up my quilt from the dry cleaners, and the sight of a spider web encourages me to subscribe to yet another online (web) forum. Of course I donít always publish what I write, mostly because I would get myself and my editors arrested, exiled or castrated, but by writing things, even if they never get read by anyone, I find it easier to process my thoughts, let go of grudges, and deal with conflicting emotions. Before I write things down I am unable to distinguish between the important things that need to get done yesterday, the things that are busting to get out of my head, and other insignificant thoughts that should really be relegated to just doodles.

Clearly I have taken the saying Ďthe word is mightier than the swordí a bit too far, but I used to be very argumentative, which used to get me into a sh**load of discussions with too many people at the wrong time. And no matter how convincing I am, I always felt unsatisfied with my ability to get my point through effectively. Iím just not good with keeping a trail of thought when Iím interrupted, or when Iím seeing somebodyís facial reactions starring me straight in the face. Writing solves all this because it is a one way process. Whilst writing I donít have to deal with your ridiculously raised eyebrows, your frowns, or your incessant interruptions because you cannot wait to say whatever you have to say.

Although I love to receive feedback about my articles, blogs or rambles, I hate to be interrupted mid- thought. For me it is the equivalent of having my favourite meal taken away from me after the first bite. And, just like William Faulkner, I never know what I think about something, until I read what Iíve written about it!

Interests: Writing, marketing, comedy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes