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Julio Rodriguez Martino

MalargŁe, Argentina

Well, I've been around for a while now. Almost 33 years ago my
life started in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My mother tonge is
Spanish, but I started learning English when I was 8.
I wrote my first piece when I was 9. It was a 2 page science
fiction story. Not a masterpiece, but enough to amaze my

I was always fascinated by science. It didn't take too long for
me to realize that physics was the way to go. I got my degree
in Buenos Aires and then moved to Stockholm, Sweden to get my

Working as a physicist gave me many opportunities. I had the chance
to be in contact with computers from the beginning. Curious as I am,
I tried to learn as much as possible, from hardware to programming.
The second "by-product" of my work was the chance to travel. Sweden,
the US, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Norway, New Zealand and,
best of all, Antarctica are places I had the pleasure to visit.
I have also learned to speak fluent Swedish, my third language.

So far I have published three popular science articles. I would like
to write about the places I visited and people I met. Another
interesting job would be to work as a scientific consultant for s
cience fiction writers.

I am finally back in my home country. I live in a small town in
western Argentina, called MalargŁe. Why here ? Well, close to
this small place we are building the largest casomic ray detector
in the world ? Want to know what a cosmic ray is ? Why are we
interested in them ? How do we detect them ? I would be delighted
to write something about this, given the opportunity.
So, contact me. I have lots of things to write about.

Interests: Scientific journalism, popular science articles, computers and internet, computer virus, travel.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes