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JC Callahan

Mashpee, Massachusetts, United States


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Born in Connecticut to a loving couple, I grew up loving the sights, smells, and
sounds that New England has to offer. I fished, participated in sports, and attended
a local community college. However, one of my goals as a teenager was to attend
a college in Boston. I was accepted into a music school, but chose instead to
pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

I was more of a math geek than an English freak in high school; nevertheless, I did
well in my English classes. The foreshadowing of my future career began with a
writing class I took to fulfill a college requirement. The handwriting was on the wall,
so to speak, after I transferred to Boston where I wrote essays and reviews for a
literature course.

I eventually became a technical writer, writing instructions and guides for users of
business software. Creative writing became a hobby of sorts after a new-fangled
technology called "the Internet" burst onto the scene. Eventually, I felt the tug of
the creative bug and began writing several books, none of which were close to
being completed. A couple of years later, I found a manuscript and read it to a
friend. The friend encouraged him to continue and get it published. I did—and thus
began my writing career beyond the technical realm.

My parents are still together after 50+ years of marriage. I have an older brother
and three grown children. Family is important and I enjoy watching my children
grow into the individuals they are destined to be.

Music, photography, graphic arts, and writing have always been my creative
outlets. The beach, the woods, and the mountains are all places where I like to
spend my time. Nature, certains texts and poems, and the fortitude and inner
strength of people I meet along the way are sources of inspiration. I wish that
anyone reading this will also find their creative outlet. It can be a wonderful way to
express yourself, find relaxation, and even give others a little joy. We could
certainly use more joy in this world.

Interests: music, spirituality, photography, relationships, politics, computers, web design

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Dating Sucks — But It Doesn't Have To