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Omegia Keeys

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Omegia Keeys is the author of Passionate Playmates,, and Can You Keep a Secret? (due out early next year). She started out writing short stories about her siblings as a way to keep herself busy when they all moved out the house, leaving her behind. Being the youngest child of seven by eight years, she was lonely when all her siblings took off in their own directions. In high school, her elderly, Jewish English teacher took notice in her always carrying a book to read when she was finished with her studies. Her teacher also started a book club for African American girls. She encouraged the girls to right their own stories and Omegia did. She decided to write a story about herself and a group of friends which she gave the appropriate name, The Dream Girls. It was based on the pressures placed on young women in high school. Omegia gave the story to her teacher who loved it but begged her not to share it with anyone else, as she did with all of her writing.

In college, Omegia worked part time at Jo Annís Books. The bookstore was owned by her mother. While there, she had plenty of time to read other great authorís as well as continuing to write her poems, short stories, and anything to keep the older customers laughing. People soon realized that Omegia had more potential than just being a great track star, but she had yet to realize it.

Omegia finally came out of her shell and began working on her first novel in 2002. When she was half way finished, her computer crashed and she lost all of her work. Discouraged and focusing on being a good mother, she did not return to writing her novel again until 2005. She completed Passionate Playmates and submitted it for publication with a great reception at the end of 2006. The novel was released June of 2007.

In 2009 Omegia became part of the LaíJohn Media family and completed her manuscript for was submitted and due out in October of 2009.

Omegia hails from Indianapolis, IN by way of Michigan City, IN. She has three sons. While still focused as a mother and provider, she takes time out to continue her passion for writing and does not plan on stopping. She is completing the manuscript on her third novel Can You Keep a Secret? with several more in mind.

Interests: Always interested in learning and trying out new ways to improve my writing and life in general.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Passionate Playmates