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Amad Qureshi

Lahore, Pakistan


I recognized my writing aptitiude when I was appointed as the Editor of my official school magazine named 'The Beam'. I really enjoyed the task, despite being the youngest member of the team. I was in 11 grade at that time. I came across about zillions of write ups from students belonging to various age groups which really helped me to embellish my language skills. My road to journalism continued when I retained the position of Editor of my school magazine and at the same time, I was given an additional opportunity to become the Chief Editor of Scimag-the first ever science journal in the history of my school. The experience of becoming the cheif editor equipped me with innumerable traits that were useful not only for a student but also for a writer which include courage to face criticism, time management and of course how to be an exemplory leader. Based on my above-mentioned achievements, I was eventually appointed as the Chief Editor of my school magazine-the highest post for any writer in a school.

Interests: Well, to be precise, I'm profoundly interested in writing; thats the reason of joining this website. I'm expressive by nature and I like to give vent to my thoughts and emotions via pen. Apart from writing, I love reading auto-biographies of politicians a

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes