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Madrid (Spain), Spain


My name Ayarén Velazco Cascales, I am 20 years and I´m from Madrid (Spain). I'm a writer and screenwriter.


- In May 2008, the Mirror of Ink Publishing, I published a book called" Behind a Smile "and in it, I mean the very serious car accident that my mother and I suffered on September 3, 2004, (when I was 15 years) and an unscrupulous bus driver rammed my poor Renault 5, leaving my mother and me very badly injured in a coma for 15 days. In the book I talk about this, the bittersweet rehabilitation, terrible brain injury, loneliness, the aftermath, the constant fear of not being able, etc., but in a way ironic to me no more damage.
For the book, I did a news story in Four, an interview on CNN+ Debate of journalist Jose Maria Calleja (author of the book's foreword precious), and June 14, 2008 I was signing books at Book Fair Madrid.
(If you typed my name in my book as GOOGLE is self-help book and passing).

The editorial published I went bankrupt and have not had any promotion, interests, rights are free and would love to move the U.S. book publishing.


- In June 2009 I completed a module of filmmaking and television, along with other professional training for film and television writer, both in school CEV Madrid. I just finished a feature film, called "The fat ass" is a comedy of three youths in their pathetic world, ready to succeed as either. Its main goal, for now, the world of song. On his way eliminate any obstacles and rivals. They are obsessive, determined and more than friendship unites them the desire to succeed. They call themselves "The handsome face, but his huge back, are better known as" The fat ass. "

I have also written 4 screenplays for short films, 3 of them comedy and a drama.

In interested, send them all my jobs.

Thank you very much for your attention and hopefully their interest,

28042 MADRID.
917410031 / / 606638362 / / 628910265

Interests: Make a living from what he writes, came to Hollywood, THAT IS MY DREAM FULFILLED.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No