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Lea Spencer

33 Broadfield rd, Catford
London, United Kingdom


From a very young age i've been interested in the paranormal, so much so that at the age of seven i was researching our family flat in Islington where me and my two sisters saw a figure of a monk; which we called the black hood.
Many people say they believe in ghosts and i still to this day think well is there live after death? or could it be somethink else.
I belonged to a paranormal research group in kent and did a write up on what i throught about ghost's and it started up alot of thinking throughout the group.
One thing i put to the group was that when a ghost as been report it appears the the future walks around the same area of the building as if the person ie ghost is still alive.
So are we see a ghost or we seeing the past!!!
throughout our history way back we have found that that the people have also report seeing strange things in the sky and nowadays people report seeing UFO's. Now could this be our future studying us like we do through history books.
If so is time travel going to be possible.
Which come's to my book.

Interests: My interests are of music and everything paranormal

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The SevenStones Of Time