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Bilal Zubedi

Karachi, Pakistan


Bilal Zubedi: Writer/Author/Ecrivan (publications include fiction & non-fiction).
Faculty/Professor at Dept. of Social Sciences & Humanities, SZABIST.

Bilal Zubedi is the author of 'On the Road to Awareness' and most recently of a short
story, 'Flyover' published in Karachi: Our Stories in Our Words. He also has a
research paper on ethnic conflict in Karachi published in an international journal, a
paper on progressive thought in PTV drama tradition in another and a chapter on
cultural cooperation b/w India & Pakistan in 'Back from the Brink: India-Pakistan Ties
Revisited'. He is currently working on his second book.

He works as faculty at the Dept. of Social Sciences, SZABIST and has also
hosted/moderated at seminars & conferences for three years.

He has degrees in the Social Sciences in Politics and International Relations with a
minor in Psychology, followed by a M.S./M.Phil in Literature.

Contact him at and on Twitter @BilalZubedi

His page is all about his work, mostly publications (fiction & non-fiction), thoughts and
ideas and advances in human knowledge that need to be discussed. He writes but
also teaches, has stopped working as Master of Ceremonies at
seminars/conferences after doing so for three years and has been involved in Track II

Bilal Zubedi was born to an ancient house that with its newness and ability to evolve
thrives to date. He prefers to be 62 at all times although was born circa thirteen
million b.c. Having met almost everyone of relevance in history and with a career in
only so much, he keeps his classes full of college/university students entertained with
anecdotes, stories and bits of information coming from Personal Experience as he
engages in dialogue and stands for only Paulo Freire's Problem Solving Model of

"After you read, only does one think and we ought to think critically (ultimate purpose
of all education) after which we remember and learn. To focus is the key because if
you know the base of knowledge; you will never fail."

His family/clan/house has produced a lot of legal professionals, government officers
and people actively involved in the education sector in a number of countries. Many
of the Zubedi's (a number of ways to spell it) residing in countries around the world
do the same even today.

Interests: Reading, writing and cooking.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • On the Road to Awareness