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Justine Atkinson

Johannesburg, South Africa


My first story was a children's story, written while I was soaking in a hot tub. I suddenly had this idea, and yelled out for a pencil and paper, wrote it and submitted it to the then, English Service. It was accepted and later broadcasted.
Later on another children's story was accepted by PERSONALITY.
From there on I was bitten by the writing bug, and wrote and wrote, and after many submissions to local commercial magazines, two of my short stories were finally accepted.
After that, at least thirty or more were published.
I've just completed and had published a novel 'KLARA' and have sold (privately) nearly all of the print run I had published.
I would like to get this book out there in the big wide world, but when I contacted the well-known bookstores - FASCINATION, EXCLUSIVE, CNA, I met with complete disinterest.
I am in the process of writing another romantic novel, but, please, this is not a Mills and Boon read - neither is KLARA. Not that there's not a market for M & B, there most certainly is.
Can somebody out there steer me in the right direction towards making actual money out of writing???

Interests: Writing, Tennis, Golf, crosswords, reading, TV documentaries, live stage shows

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No